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Fedora Core 6

Posted on Sunday 20 May 2007

So I’m giving Linux a try again. Of course, I still need Windows for some things, games being a primary example. Other things I currently need Windows for that you might not expect include playing MP3s (and therefore also watching any TV series) and sanity.

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David @ 8:37 am
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Posted on Thursday 10 May 2007

There is a delivery company named Citylink, they fucking blow.

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David @ 12:51 pm
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Fair Use Policy

Posted on Monday 23 April 2007

That’s what it’s called when an ISP puts a cap on your bandwidth, but doesn’t tell you what it is.

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David @ 9:38 pm
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Hot Stuff

Posted on Tuesday 17 April 2007

So I dropped some more stuff into my media centre PC over the weekend, you know, just the usual, a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and dual 150GB Raptor X’s.

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David @ 7:56 pm
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Posted on Thursday 5 April 2007

Look around you.
Look around you.
Just, look around you.
Have you worked out what we’re looking for? Correct, the answer is Wii.

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David @ 11:46 pm
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