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Inconvenient To Say The Least

God dammit, I update Wordpress very infrequently for a reason, that reason is because it takes too damn long, there’s lots of uploading small files to do which takes far too long over SFTP as a new connection has to be made and closed for each and every file. The last time I updated was 8 days ago, I updated to the latest version of Wordpress at the time, version 2.1.1. Now version 2.1.2 is out and ordinarily I wouldn’t care, however, these aren’t ordinary circumstances.


Now, when it comes to maths, I can’t stand statistics. It’s not so much the figures, it’s just all the bullshit operations that are performed on the figures.

Luckily this post isn’t about that type of statistics, it’s about the kind of statistics websites have, specifically this one.


I was sorting out my files and I found some old pictures that I thought might be interesting for those who want a look.

Random Crap

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Comment Spam

Well today, about 8 hours ago, I got my first comment spam on this new blog telling people to go and “Order Phentermine”. Well no more I say! I have altered the options a bit for WordPress, any comment containing more than 5 links will be held for moderation, as opposed to the 10 links […]