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Top Gear

Top Gear is just totally awesome, and I’m not talking about drugs, although they might be too, I don’t really know, having not tried them myself.

A Break

Thought I’d take a break from writing about things that annoy me for a while. Instead, I’d like to mention an album I discovered recently. It’s a soundtrack to a game called American McGee’s Alice and it’s rather good.

Hyperdrive & Prototype

Yeah, mixing topics in titles now, oh yeah, it’s all go. There’s a TV Series over here called Hyperdrive. They probably don’t show it anywhere else, but it’s a funny show that finished recently, I hope they make another season. Anyway, here’s a song from one of the episodes that’s kinda funny. The plot is […]

Server Bashing

Well my server seems to be standing up pretty well, I’ve setup a username and password for people to log on with, and I’ve told a few people how to connect. I just checked my file server to see what was happening, here’s what I saw; sessions and open files. The reason I’ve got task […]

Fun Stuff

Well all my entries so far seem to be somewhat related to PC hardware or software in some way or another, so this is to break up the “boring” stuff with some fun stuff. Specifically cool and funny videos. I’ve been over at Steak And Cheese watching some of the vids, most of them are […]