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Dawn Of A New blue-wax

( Hardware andPCs )

So, the HDD’s are all in, the computer is setup and there’s a ginormous 1.267 TiB copy and paste from one machine to another running right now.

New Shit

( Hardware andPCs )

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he feels the need to get another file server. This is my time.

Fedora Core 6

( PCs andSoftware )

So I’m giving Linux a try again. Of course, I still need Windows for some things, games being a primary example. Other things I currently need Windows for that you might not expect include playing MP3s (and therefore also watching any TV series) and sanity.

Fair Use Policy

( Life andPCs )

That’s what it’s called when an ISP puts a cap on your bandwidth, but doesn’t tell you what it is.

Hot Stuff

( Hardware andPCs )

So I dropped some more stuff into my media centre PC over the weekend, you know, just the usual, a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and dual 150GB Raptor X’s.