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ping – Part 2

( Life andPCs andProgramming )

OK, so if it wasn’t obvious before, it certainly is now, because four days ago I wrote, “I’ll post a few of entries on consecutive days.” Well, sod that, I’m just gonna put it all into one, otherwise more stuff will pile up while I, no doubt, procastinate further.

Slip – Part 1

( Life andPCs andProgramming andSoftware )

OK, I know, I’m slipping, shut up. Anyway, multiple things to post about, since when they occured I promptly didn’t post about them. So I’ll post a few of entries on consecutive days to cover the various things I should have said but didn’t. Therefore, without further ado, I present … MENSA. Ado (dammit).

The Great Rewiring

( PCs andProgramming )

So I finally got pissed off at having 5.1 speakers and an awesome sound card, but only getting stereo sound. It’s quite retarded really that the S/PDIF output on my sound card only supports stereo sound, although it can quite happily output AC3 audio from DVD’s … which is surround sound. It’s something to do with Creative refusing to pay license fees for Dolby Digital audio and instead pushing their own EAX audio … or something.


( PCs andProgramming )

For those of you that don’t know what Matlab is, it’s a programming language that’s designed to work with arrays and matrices (hence the name, MATrix LABoratory). Very useful for maths, and I was taught it last year as part of Engineering. Anyhow, the reason I’m bringing this up is because Mathworks are running a […]