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Dawn Of A New blue-wax

( Hardware andPCs )

So, the HDD’s are all in, the computer is setup and there’s a ginormous 1.267 TiB copy and paste from one machine to another running right now.

New Shit

( Hardware andPCs )

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he feels the need to get another file server. This is my time.

Hot Stuff

( Hardware andPCs )

So I dropped some more stuff into my media centre PC over the weekend, you know, just the usual, a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and dual 150GB Raptor X’s.

Media Centre PC

( Hardware andPCs )

I’ve somehow managed to acquire another computer to add to my growing collection. On Wednesday I spent several hours searching through lists of componants on three big retailer websites to find the perfect combination of parts to give the most performance with the minimum of noise. Not an easy task, and unfortunately I had to compromise on the type of case, however the computer I ended up with is nothing short of uber. It’s stylish, unbelievably quiet and gives killer performance.

A Universe Of Dust

( Hardware andPCs )

I’ve found that I like taking pictures, regardless of how well they turn out, or, as is usually the case, how badly they turn out. So while I still had my hands on a camera, I figured I’d take a look inside my PC.