HDD Killers

This site is hosted on Dreamhost, they’re a pretty good host. The only time when my site has been down was when the city they were in had a power failure. Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well, I was thinking that perhaps you might want to be hosted by Dreamhost too, and I can help with that.

Dreamhost Web Hosting

Dreamhost have been quite clever, they pay people for getting them referrals. For everyone I refer, I get $97. However, they have been even cleverer still, they allow me to pass this onto the people I refer. So, for example, I could knock off $50 from any of their shared hosting plans for any referree. The referree would get $50 off and I’d get $47 for referring them.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did do! So if you were to sign up to any of Dreamhost’s shared hosting packages using the code “lavalamp50off” (no quotes) then you’d get $50 knocked off the price instantly! It’s a win-win situation, so if you’re looking to get some hosting any time in the near future, bear this in mind, I hope it helps.