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There is a delivery company named Citylink, they fucking blow.

Time & Money, Part 2

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Time, it’s measured in a very strange way, and in many ways it’s similar to the money system. We have a lot of units that simply aren’t necessary, much like the pounds, shillings and pence of the old English money system, we have hours, minutes and seconds. On a larger scale we have the same thing again with days, weeks, months and years.

Time & Money, Part 1

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There have actually been two times in recent years when it would have been easy to convert to a more sensible monetary system, the first time just across the UK, and the second across all of Europe, but at neither of those times did anyone take the initiative.

More IQ Stuff

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It’s me vs. an IQ test once again, and I have things to moan about.

IQ Test

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Four days ago someone sent me a link to an online test at tickle.com to determine my lucky charm. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to such trash, but on this particular occasion I was mightily bored. I clicked through the various questions and was indifferent to hear that my lucky charm is a scarab. As […]