HDD Killers


Posted on Thursday 10 May 2007

There is a delivery company named Citylink, they fucking blow.

I ordered some things from Scan.co.uk, unfortunately Scan use Citylink. As previously mentioned, they fucking blow. Why is that? Well, it’s because the van drivers are only hired if their IQ is below 80.

There is a note on the window by the door, it reads, “IF there’s no-one in, please deliver to number 32.” Now, Citylink will only deliver to a secondary address when no-one is at the primary, if you have told them to do that when they pick up the parcel, if not, then they won’t. That’s fine, it’s a fair policy I guess. However, this fucking dipshit of a driver must have seen the note and taken it to mean, “No-one is ever home, you may as well just piss off without even ringing the FUCKING DOOR BELL.”

The fact that I am RIGHT FUCKING HERE listening out for him is of no concern because obviously with a note like that on the door, OBVIOUSLY, no-one is home. EVER.

    Saturday 19th May 2007 | 5:06 am
    James's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Wow! That sucks! So will you ever get your package?

    Sunday 20th May 2007 | 7:10 am
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Yeah, they re-delivered it on Friday (I say, “re-delivered”, that would imply that it was actually delivered the first time, or in fact that it was the second time). However it just so happened that I was asleep. In the end I went and collected it on Saturday.

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