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Top Gear

Posted on Friday 9 March 2007

Top Gear is just totally awesome, and I’m not talking about drugs, although they might be too, I don’t really know, having not tried them myself.

I am of course talking about the TV show Top Gear, and I’ve uploaded a clip from season 9 episode 4 that you all need to see. It’s the worlds fastest Robin Reliant (for those that don’t know, that’s a three-wheeled car).

The clip is just over 5 mins long and weighs in at 36.7MB, you’ll also need the DivX codec to play it. Here it is.

Totally freaking cool.

    Friday 9th March 2007 | 5:50 am
    James's Globally Recognised Avatar


    That’s friggen awesome! I wish that show was on American TV!

    Friday 9th March 2007 | 5:57 am
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Just do what I did, download the eps. I missed every single episode in the season, so I fired up Azureus and torrented my way to victory!

    Friday 9th March 2007 | 7:55 pm
    Ben's Globally Recognised Avatar

    The bugs on the countdown clock annoyed me. I thought there was a pilot in there the first time I watched it. BRITISH PEOPLE CHEER GAYLY (which is redundant, if you think on it). Other complaints!

    Anyhoo, that was pretty awesome, I must concur. You bastard, I just got more blank DVDs, I was hoping to wipe my second drive clean of data, and keep it remotely free for some measure of time…

    Monday 12th March 2007 | 4:26 pm
    Antony's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Clarkson ‘may leave Top Gear’
    Jeremy Clarkson’s future with Top Gear was shrouded in confusion last night as the presenter dropped hints that he might leave the motoring programme.

    John Tran
    Wednesday 14th March 2007 | 4:48 am
    John Tran's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Top Gear won’t be Top Gear with out JC :/

    Wednesday 14th March 2007 | 8:53 pm
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    The last time he left the show, the ratings plumetted and it got cancelled. I have a feeling that if he does leave the same will happen again. I also think he’s just using the threat of leaving to get the BBC to bend to his demands, longer seasons for instance.

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