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Posted on Sunday 30 October 2005

Well all my entries so far seem to be somewhat related to PC hardware or software in some way or another, so this is to break up the “boring” stuff with some fun stuff. Specifically cool and funny videos. I’ve been over at Steak And Cheese watching some of the vids, most of them are hilarious (I know that Dan will disagree with me on this), however I’ve decided to pick out the top 3 to show you, and I’d like to run through them. I’ve uploaded the videos to my web-space to avoid leeching bandwidth off their site. So here they are in reverse order.

Number 3 – Fuck_A_Batmobile.wmv
Richard Hammond from Top Gear, presenting a little segment about a thoroughly awesome vehicle! 😀

Number 2 – FunWith_Your_OwnChildren.wmv
Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal, just really funny! Just some parents mentally scarring their kids for life! You have to have sound for this because you have to listen to what the mother says as she describes the setup.

Number 1 – Me_And_My_GST.wmv
Words simply cannot describe the sheer AWESOMENESS of this video. Also, the music chosen for the video is very cool, I typed some of the lyrics into Google and found it was a song called Pain by Jimmy Eat World. Very, very good.

So yeah, three excellent videos to brighten up your day.

So you may be wondering what I’m doing up at 10AM Sunday morning, no, it’s not church or any nonesense like that. It is in fact because I watched the first two seasons of an old English TV sitcom called Yes Minister last night. Someone down the hall called Graeme has DVD’s of all three seasons, and also DVD’s of Yes, Prime Minister (which is just the same show, but he got a better job) and he’s lent them to me! The sitcom started in the 1980’s so the picture quality leaves a little to be desired, however the actual show is HILARIOUS.

The main character is the minister for administrative affairs and is called Jim Hacker, he has a permanent secretary who “advises” him called Sir Humphrey Appleby and a personal secretary called Bernard Wooley. The main jist of it is that the minister is stupid, Sir Humphrey is a manipulative word smith and Bernard lacks any sort of backbone what-so-ever, however he can be quite cunning sometimes, as can the minister on rare occasions. Usually things always work out with everyone smiling at the end, even though Sir Humphrey always gets his own way and the minister has done a complete U-turn on his own policies.

Here are some of the better quotations from it:

Sir Humphrey: “Oh Bernard, a good speech isn’t one where we can prove the minister is telling the truth, it’s one in which nobody else can prove that he’s lying.”

And then just a few minutes later in the same episode.

Sir Humphrey: “This is the first and only brief containing possible questions from the comittee with the appropriate answers, all carefully presented to give the departments position.”
Jim Hacker: “Is it absolutely accurate?”
Sir Humphrey: “They’re all carefully presented to give the departments position.”
Jim Hacker: “You said yourself how important these select committee’s are, I cannot be seen to mislead them.”
Sir Humphrey: “You will not be seen to mislead them.”
Jim Hacker: “Is it the truth?”
Sir Humphrey: “The truth and nothing but the truth!”
Jim Hacker: “The whole truth?”
Sir Humphrey: “Of course not.”

And later again from the same episode, when Humphrey get’s cornered he breaks out his most powerful weapon…

Sir Humphrey: “It’s not for me to comment on government policy, you must ask the minister.”
Betty Oldham: “Look Sir Humphrey, whatever we ask the minister, he says is an administrative question for you, and whatever we ask you, you say is a policy question for the minister. How do you suggest we find out what’s going on?”
Sir Humphrey: “Yes, yes, yes, I do see that there is a real dilemma here, in that while it has been government policy to regard policy as a responsibility of ministers and administration as the responsibility of officials, the questions of administrative policy can cause confusion between the policy of administration and the administration of policy. Especially when responsibility for the administration of the policy of administration conflicts or overlaps with responsibility for the policy of the administration of policy.”
Betty Oldham: “Well that’s a load of meaningless drivel … isn’t it?”
Sir Humphrey: “It’s not for me to comment on government policy, you must ask the minister.”

The reason I chose quotes all from the same episode is because it just so happens to be the last episode in season 2, and as such is the most fresh in my mind and I remembered roughly where the quotes were, could skip to them and then transcribe them. However all of the other episodes are full of such little gems and I would definately recommend this show to anyone. Well worth buying (or downloading, if you’re a low-down, dirty rotter like that).

    Ben Rogers
    Monday 31st October 2005 | 2:34 am
    Ben Rogers's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Hmmm…a domain called hddkillers, and silly you with them all on DVD…and me too lazy to look for torrents (can’t break my record now, can I?)

    But, meh. Dry British “wit.” Woo.

    Monday 31st October 2005 | 2:37 am
    Daniel's Globally Recognised Avatar

    I don’t think any normal person would agree that beheadings are funny… :S

    Tuesday 1st November 2005 | 9:31 am
    lilcrazyfuzzy's Globally Recognised Avatar

    damn, the clip with the GST rocks!

    Tuesday 1st November 2005 | 8:32 pm
    Antony's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Some rather cool clips there, i wudnt mind trying out the second one on my little brother….

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