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Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2007

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he feels the need to get another file server. This is my time.

So, for those of you not familar with my computers, blue-wax is my file server, and it’s full to bursting. Currently only 18.3 GiB left free out of 1.91 TiB. The solution? Do I stop downloading? Do I delete some of the stuff I haven’t watched in a while? No, I simply buy some more HDD’s of course. So that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

1.89 TiB used, 18.3 GiB free, 1.91 TiB total.

Last time I got 8 * 300 GB HDD’s, this time I’m getting 8 * 500 GB HDD’s. That’s 67% more than last time, and for less than 80% of the cash, such is life. Excellent, 3.18 TiB in addition to 1.91 TiB, that’s 5.09 TiB between them. Oh yeah, I’m getting the same RAID card I did last time too, just because it works great, but if it should ever not work great, I can use one card to access both arrays until I can get the data off one of them.

Here’s the deal. I’m going to remove all the HDD’s from blue-wax, and put them into black-wax. Then I’m going to put all the new shit into blue-wax. Then, I’m going to copy all the stuff over to blue-wax, low level format the HDD’s in black-wax, copy all the stuff back again, and move black-wax to Antony’s house, so that we can have a long distance RAID-1 for ultra data safety.

I’m hoping that by the time I need another array, HDD sizes have massively increased, dropped in price and Internet 2 flows freely and bountifully throughout the lands.

I can dream can’t I?

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