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Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB USB Drive

( Hardware andPCs )

Recently (22nd September) Corsair released an 8GB flash memory USB pen drive. Well, on the 25th I headed right over to Dabs and ordered me one. Last week it arrived.

Bragging Rights

( Hardware andPCs )

I recently dropped some cash on upgrading my computer, yeah, I know I’ve only got an AGP system, but WHAT an AGP system. So what did I buy? I’m glad you asked.

Living Up To Expectation

( Hardware andLife andPCs )

Time to live up to the name in the URL. Here are some pics from the autopsy of a 120GB drive that passed on a while ago. The actual capacity of the drive was 111GiB and I used it to keep films on. Unfortunately it started causing my PC to blue-screen and I had to […]

More PC Stuff

( Hardware andPCs )

Last Wednesday, I went shopping for PC bits. I came back with five items costing a grand total of £141.60. They were a 40GB HDD, 512MiB PC2700 (DDR333) RAM module, HP Lightscribe Dual Layer DVD Writer, ASUS Radeon 9250 128MiB graphics card and last but not least, the floppy disc drive and card reader combo […]


( Hardware andPCs )

I thought I’d make another blog entry, since I haven’t blogged in a while. This time it’s to clear up a bit of a mis-understanding surrounding PCI-X and PCI-E. PCI-E stands for PCI-Express, PCI-X is just PCI-X, and they are not the same as I had believed up until recently. After the blog entry I […]