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Dawn Of A New blue-wax

Posted on Sunday 3 June 2007

So, the HDD’s are all in, the computer is setup and there’s a ginormous 1.267 TiB copy and paste from one machine to another running right now.

Had a few bumps along the way, for example Windows Server 2003 only seeing 2 TiB of the drive. Turns out that “basic disks” are limited to that, and I had to convert to a “dynamic disk” if I wanted a bigger partition, except that I couldn’t because Microsoft is gay. In the end I installed Service Pack 2 and converted to a “GPT disk” and it could see the whole 3.18 TiB array and partition it.

Wow, way to make something simple really complicated. Anyway, yeah, all done now. Out with the old…

1.89 TiB used, 15.8 GiB available, 1.91 TiB total.

…in with the new.

166 MiB used, 3.18 TiB available, 3.18 TiB total.

And when I say out, I mean, until blue-wax gets full and I need overflow.

So, this copy and paste operation from black-wax to blue-wax, 1.267 TiB, and unfortunately black-wax only has a 100 Mbps network connection, and after protocol overhead, the transfer is running at an astounding 8 MiB/s. Awesome. A little over 46 hours to complete, and it’s currently 18 hours in, so 28 hours to go. And then there’s another 600 GiB to go over…


    Wednesday 6th June 2007 | 3:54 am
    Antony's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Savour that Properties picture of the new server, as now its already over 1/2 full, i think its the last time it shall be seen quite so empty.

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