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Hyperdrive & Prototype

Yeah, mixing topics in titles now, oh yeah, it’s all go. There’s a TV Series over here called Hyperdrive. They probably don’t show it anywhere else, but it’s a funny show that finished recently, I hope they make another season. Anyway, here’s a song from one of the episodes that’s kinda funny. The plot is […]

Comment Spam

Well today, about 8 hours ago, I got my first comment spam on this new blog telling people to go and “Order Phentermine”. Well no more I say! I have altered the options a bit for WordPress, any comment containing more than 5 links will be held for moderation, as opposed to the 10 links […]

Six JavaScript Features

I just read the blogs I link to in my sidebar, all good stuff I can assure you, however I would like to make particular mention of a site that isn’t on the list called “Wait till I come!” that was linked to on Jona’s site. I found something rather troubling on that site, and […]

Finding Me

I was looking at mint just now and noticed some of the awfully strange things that people searched for and found my site. For example, I’m on the first page of results if you google for, “sir humphrey appleby quotes examples” (no quotes). I’m also on the first page if you search for “bt voyager […]


So I’ve not written anything for a while. I’d say I haven’t had anything to write about, but that’d only be half true. It started out that way, but then something happened, and rather than write about it, lazyness took over. So I’m forcing myself to write this now. So, things that happened in the […]