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Six JavaScript Features

I just read the blogs I link to in my sidebar, all good stuff I can assure you, however I would like to make particular mention of a site that isn’t on the list called “Wait till I come!” that was linked to on Jona’s site. I found something rather troubling on that site, and […]

LAN Party & Operating Systems

( Games andPCs andSoftware )

So last weekend I went to a LAN Party, it was quite good, only 12 people there though. Apparently at LAN2 (which I wasn’t at) there were 10, so I guess that 12 is an improvement. At LAN1 though (which I was at) there were shit loads, gotta have been at least 25. Anywho, games […]

Why HDD Killers?

It occurs to me that some of you probably think HDDKillers.com is a bit of a strange domain, and some of you probably don’t know what it means. Well HDD stands for [H]ard [D]isk [D]rive, and hopefully Killers is fairly obvious. Incidentally, I also own SerialHDDKillers.com which is a mirror of this site on the […]