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LAN Party & Operating Systems

Posted on Wednesday 23 November 2005

So last weekend I went to a LAN Party, it was quite good, only 12 people there though. Apparently at LAN2 (which I wasn’t at) there were 10, so I guess that 12 is an improvement. At LAN1 though (which I was at) there were shit loads, gotta have been at least 25.

Anywho, games were played, fun was had, game bugs were exploited to gain an unfair advantage etc. etc. The main games were Red Alert 2, CS: Source and UT2004. GTA2 and Quake 4 also had some playage. I think I prefer Quake 3 multiplayer to Quake 4 multiplayer though, it just seems a lot smoother somehow. Quake 4 has a few problems with it in my opinion, the guns all look too similar and the acceleration pads are just a bit too small, it’s mainly little things, but there’s so many little things. Don’t get me wrong though, Quake 4 is an awesome game and I’ll definately be having a go at the single player mode. I rock at Red Alert 2 by the way.

Apparently there was also a camera in the corner of a room taking a picture every 15mins and Comm is going to make it into a video, when he’s done that and if I remember, I’ll put a link to it on here so you can all watch the approximately 4-5 seconds of footage. Oh yeah, I can tell you’re excited!

In other news, I’ve downloaded an image of SUSE 10.0 and I’m gonna give it a go on my server, if it doesn’t work then I’m gonna get Windows Server 2003 on it. I don’t have high hopes for SUSE 10.0, because the driver is for SUSE 9.1 and the chances are that it just won’t like the newer Kernel and therefore won’t work, but you never know. When I was download SUSE, Firefox did something … somewhat interesting. I don’t think that the download manager is equipped to handle quite such large files some how.

Firefox download manager fuckup.

I asked Comm about how to get Server 2003 and apparently it’s possible to download a 180 day evaluation copy from microsoft.com, so I had a look on there. I fould the appropriate page and saw a link on it that said, “Register to download Windows Server 2003 trial software”. So fair enough, I guess it’s reasonable to ask that I register first, so I of course went and filled in a lot of bogus info along with an email address that I barely even use anymore. After registering, I have a profile and I can subscribe/unsubscribe to a lot of mailing lists, but when I go back to the download page, guess what I see? That’s right, “Register to download Windows Server 2003 trial software”. Congratulations Microsoft, really well done.

And that’s not all, the account that I used to subscribe with was a Hotmail account. When I went to check for the confirmation email I couldn’t find it, which I thought was a bit strange. So I decided to randomly check the junk mail folder. Oh my God, an e-mail sent to me from microsoft to my microsoft e-mail account got delivered to the junk folder. Honestly, what the hell? The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

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