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Designs In Skin 2

( Life )

I was debating whether or not to go with “2” or “II” in the title. As you can see I made my decision.

Live with it.

Designs In Skin

( Life )

I’m sure that most people assume that this post is about tattoo’s, however, it is not. There are much more … painful ways to get decorated than tattoo’s, and this post is about one of those ways. Branding.

The New Statesman

( Life )

A while ago I wrote about a show called Yes, Minister, and there’s a similar show called The New Statesman that was made around the same time.

Hot Or Not?

( Life )

When I was in Loughborough I was a member of the computer society, someone on the forum decided to signup to hotornot.com and create a group for LSUCS members.

Time & Money, Part 2

( Life andRants )

Time, it’s measured in a very strange way, and in many ways it’s similar to the money system. We have a lot of units that simply aren’t necessary, much like the pounds, shillings and pence of the old English money system, we have hours, minutes and seconds. On a larger scale we have the same thing again with days, weeks, months and years.