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Designs In Skin 2

Posted on Monday 5 February 2007

I was debating whether or not to go with “2” or “II” in the title. As you can see I made my decision.

Live with it.

Moving on, if you’ve read the first post about this, you’ll know I went and got burned. If you haven’t read it, then you still know I went and got burned because I just told you. Unless I’m lying to you, which I’m not, but how can you be sure? I guess you can’t, and for that matter, how can you be sure of ANYTHING? Maybe your senses are lying to you, how can you determine what’s real and what’s not? And just what is reality anyway? Isn’t everything we experience just the way we perceive it?

Now that we’ve got that sorted, here are some more pictures. First up we have a 4 week old scar of the tail, and a purple outline for the rest of the design.

Purple outline above the dragons tail.

These next two shots were taken half way through and at the end of the procedure. Note how my arm gradually reddens throughout the procedure, that is due to heat spread into the surrounding tissue from the cautery iron.

Head and body branded, wings yet to be done. The finished brand.

And there you have it, all done. The procedure took one and a half hours from start to finish and was performed without any kind of anaesthetic, just willpower and as much disassociation as I could manage. I actually managed complete disassociation from pain for a short while, when she was burning the horns, I watched her burn the skin and was aware of the pain, but I didn’t feel it. It’s a very interesting experience, sort of like when you go cross-eyed to see those 3D “magic” pictures and all of a sudden you can just see it, but unfortunately it didn’t last long and I was back to having to think happy thoughts.

I haven’t decided yet whether I want to get the design filled in, or whether I’ll leave it as an outline. I’ll have a look around on the net and see which I prefer the look of. I should point out though, that although it hurt a LOT, I enjoyed the experience. If any potential burnees are reading this and you’re not sure if you want to get branded or not, just go for it. The first time was awful, I couldn’t take the pain at all and I couldn’t stop moving my arm out of the way, but the second time I guess I was much better prepared mentally and I was able to enjoy it. My pain tolerance is really low and I can stand the pain, so it musn’t be all that bad.

If you want to see the full size pics, I have uploaded those too and they can be found here:

    Tuesday 6th February 2007 | 1:22 pm
    James's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Ouch! You won’t see me doing that any time soon… 😛

    Make sure you post again once it’s all healed so we can see the final product. 😉

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