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ping – Part 2

( Life andPCs andProgramming )

OK, so if it wasn’t obvious before, it certainly is now, because four days ago I wrote, “I’ll post a few of entries on consecutive days.” Well, sod that, I’m just gonna put it all into one, otherwise more stuff will pile up while I, no doubt, procastinate further.

Slip – Part 1

( Life andPCs andProgramming andSoftware )

OK, I know, I’m slipping, shut up. Anyway, multiple things to post about, since when they occured I promptly didn’t post about them. So I’ll post a few of entries on consecutive days to cover the various things I should have said but didn’t. Therefore, without further ado, I present … MENSA. Ado (dammit).

All Of Them Shiny, I Assure You

( Life )

I started writing this at 23:33, so I’m gonna say that this counts as a thursday post, which would be two days after my tuesday post, which is what I was aiming for. In any case, meh, it’s well within the three day limit. For those that don’t remember, I’m referring to when I said this, From now on, (until I start slipping again), updates will be no more than 3 days apart, preferably less. I’ll aim for 2.

And On The Fifth And A Bit Day, David Drew

( Life )

Hmm, double post today, bet nobody saw this coming. This sort of ties in to the previous entry, but that one was long enough already, so here we are.

And On The Fifth Day, David Blogged

( Life )

Yes, 5 days since my last post, I think I’m starting to slip. I would like to continue blogging, but gradually I seem to update less and less until I’m not updating at all. It’s what always happens. So I’m going to do something I’ve not done previously. I’m going to set a schedule.