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Hot Or Not?

Posted on Friday 16 June 2006

When I was in Loughborough I was a member of the computer society, someone on the forum decided to signup to hotornot.com and create a group for LSUCS members. This is that group.

This is my page, feel free to vote honestly, and by honestly I mean give me a 10 since there is unfortunately no higher score.

Speaking of honesty though, I have no idea how the hell I got to 7.6, I also have no idea why Nick is on 9.1 and Tonic is only 5.3. Democracy in action I guess, anyway, vote one vote all!

    Tuesday 4th July 2006 | 8:09 pm
    rhsunderground's Globally Recognised Avatar

    the crowns are a nice touch. i’d give them a 10 just for that.

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