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Posted on Sunday 19 March 2006

I just checked the site in IE, oops. Seems that for some reason IE was applying an extra margin or padding to one of elements around the image. It should have fit perfectly in the #content <div> with 10px either side, but instead it pushed #content out by 10 more pixels which meant that the content no longer floated next to the nav bar. Ah well, some negative right margin on the image fixed that no problem, shouldn’t have been necessary though.

Another minor bug I noticed was that IE wasn’t applying the background image to the top <h2> in the side-bar, and it also wasn’t applying the background colour to the <ul>. What was stranger still though is that if you scrolled up the screen and slowly revealed the list, the background colour was there. A very weird bug. In the end I traced it to a position:relative on #sidebar, it wasn’t needed so I junked it and now the layout works perfectly in IE5+.

IE really is a whacky browser, too bad they’ve decided to make another version instead of letting it die. 🙁

    Sunday 19th March 2006 | 7:19 pm
    Jonathan Fenocchi's Globally Recognised Avatar

    This is why IE sucks SO bad. Look at this layout. It’s incredibly simple. How could you possibly misinterpret ANY of it? I haven’t looked at the CSS, but I can almost guarantee you there isn’t an ounce of CSS 2 in it at all! You don’t have to make a post about it, David. Everyone knows that unless a site is plain text only or done in tables, IE is going to screw it up beyond all reason.

    Well, this isn’t what I needed. Just reading about IE bugs makes me pissed!!

    Monday 20th March 2006 | 8:11 am
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Heh, I can feel your rage Jona.

    By the way, sorry to inform you that there is some. Still, the layout is pretty damn simple.

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