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I’ll Just Rest My Eyes For A Moment

Posted on Friday 9 December 2005

At least, that’s what I thought, I even set an alarm to wake me up an hour later … it didn’t work.

So 12 hours later I got up and bleary eyed I went back to my PC, oh my, here’s what I saw.

Oh my, a SHORT post!

But that’s just not my style, so I ramble on. Let’s talk about fighting, well, play fighting anyway. The day started just before 3AM, stupidly early I’m sure you’ll agree, but having had 12 hours sleep I wasn’t feeling all that tired. I chatted on MSN for a bit, then about 6AM me and John started playing games of Armagetron Advanced, us two against two computer opponants, it’s a GREAT game and you should all play it. Then we went down to breakfast about 8:30, after acquiring the subwardens laptop under the false pretence that we would fix his CD ROM drive.

After breakfast John had a go at fixing the drive (with no success) and then I went about the task of installing VNC on his laptop so that we could prank him. Then Diana came round to see it working (she’s the one that we’re going to blame for this) and then came the fighting. Oh, and incidentally the CD ROM drive randomly got fixed, we’re not quite sure how.

The fighting started off innocently enough (unless you’re Ben) with a game called poke, I’ll let you figure out the rules (it does not involve the removal of any clothing for those that are wondering, BEN), it didn’t take long for this game to descend into chaos whereby me and Diana attacked each other and John kept switching sides depending on who was winning at the given time. Somehow my shoe got out the window, almost hitting Ian who was walking past (we’re 3 floors up), it was closely followed by Diana’s shoe then my other shoe, and finally her other shoe. So John got nominated to get them back.

John was not pleased to get back and see his room had been soaked, I guess Diana got thirsty and missed her mouth and accidentally threw it at me.

The shoes ended up going out the window again.

Fun fun fun, then we went to dinner and the fighting continued on again from around 3PM until 5PM. Anyway I think I’d better stop now, supposed to be going out to celebrate Ian’s 21st birthday, it’s actually on the 17th but we’re going out tonight as it’s convenient. John did take a few pics of the events of the day on his webcam, I’ll try and grab ’em off him and upload them.

    Saturday 10th December 2005 | 5:03 pm
    lilcrazyfuzzy's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Hay! You guys seem to have lots of fun!
    That diana girl, she’s playing LAN games with you? 8|

    Saturday 10th December 2005 | 6:29 pm
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    The only LAN game I mentioned was Armagetron Advanced, but only me and John played that.

    Tuesday 13th December 2005 | 8:40 am
    John's Globally Recognised Avatar

    “That Diana Girl” is a laugh. But it depends on the mood and how much we’ve annoyed her that day! 🙂 She dosen’t play on the lan tho

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