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Posted on Tuesday 29 November 2005

So my server now has Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition installed on it, it was a breeze to install (just like an XP install). There were no problems installing drivers for the RAID card, the 1.91TB array was detected instantly and I assigned it the drive letter E. Perfect. In fact the server actually dual-boots between XP and Server 2003, because I want to be able to play games on it should the need arise, so XP is better for that.

The only problem I had was that the guest account on the server was disabled and that prevented people from accessing my shared folders, I would have enabled the guest account but I didn’t know how, there’s no “User Accounts” shortcut in the Control Panel. However, after a quick MSN chat with Comm (someone from the computer society who also has a server running Windows Server 2003) it turns out that to add/edit users in Server 2003 you have to do it through Computer Management.

By default the guest account doesn’t have access to shared folders though, so I just created a new user “hallnet” and assigned it a password. Easy as pie, so now I’m sharing a crap load of stuff on my server. Here’s a screen shot of the E: properties:

318GB used, 1.59TB remaining, 1.91TB total!

That’s a lot of space.
2, 100, 629, 549, 056 B
2, 051, 396, 044 KB
2, 003, 316.45 MB
1, 956.36 GB
1.91 TB

I think that the maximum partition size that XP supports is 2 TB (but I’m not sure on that), so just 91.64 GB (or to be exact 98, 393, 706, 497 B) more XP would throw a hissy fit. 😀

Here’s a couple of screen shots of some of the stuff I have on there.

So in summary, yeah I’m a Micro$oft whore. Now onto other things.

On Friday me and Ian (someone from my hall) went and met up with some people from the Aero course and Fencing club, why did we do this? Well we all went to see Harry Potter, The Goblet Of Fire. It was very good, much darker than the other films, which only served to make it better.

We cycled there and on the way I discovered that my tires needed pumping up a bit. Or at least I think they do, every time I clamped my back brake on it would skid. That’s not as stupid as it sounds by the way, because my brakes SUCK. Seriously, clamping both brakes on when it’s just slightly damp, will not even slow the damn thing down. It’s actually possible to cycle with BOTH brakes on. I’ve had the bike a while and the brake pads have worn down somewhat in that time. I should probably re-adjust them to tighten them up a bit, no idea how though, ah well.

After the film me and Ian cycled over to the Swan, it’s a pub and there were some other people from the hall there. We had a couple of drinks and then it was time to cycle back. Unfortunately, we had to cycle at walking pace (or in Graeme’s case, staggering pace). So what actually happened is that we randomly cycled on ahead and went down all the side streets. It was great fun. When they stopped to get a burger and chips, we invented a new game called “Midnight Car Park Riding”. On reflection, it’s not really a game, more like just pissing around in a car park on bikes. Still, it was quite fun.

If there’s a car park near you, I heavily advise you to go there with a bike and some friends (also with bikes) then ride round aiming for each other, try to make them lose their balance without actually hitting them. 😀

    Tuesday 29th November 2005 | 8:16 pm
    lilcrazyfuzzy's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Wha! That’s some free space!

    I also went to see HP4 last week, and quite liked it, although they left out some quite important scene from the book, which is a pity!

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