HDD Killers


Posted on Sunday 23 October 2005

Ah, defragmenting. Just the other day I happened to see a thread over at the Virtual Doctor forums (which I joined recently). It was about defragmenting.

I thought to myself, “I’ve had this current Windows install for just over a month now, and I haven’t defragged so far, I may as well do it now.” So I opened up disk defrag and told it to defrag my C:. HOLY FUCK it needed it. I had to defragment it THREE TIMES to get it looking half decent, and even then there were still quite a lot of gaps in the data, but at least the fragmented files were gone.

Anyhow, I took some screen shots of just how bad it was and how it gradually improved. Un, deux, trois.

Of course, then my comp fucked up when I was overclocking it and I had to restore a ghost image on the hard drive, so it’s significantlly cleaner now. But the moral of the story is, send me all your money. Oh, and defrag every so often.

    Sunday 23rd October 2005 | 9:12 pm
    lilcrazyfuzzy's Globally Recognised Avatar

    i do defrag regularly, tho i don’t actually know what it really does, could you explain that to me? and i might send you a digital cake.

    Ben Rogers
    Monday 24th October 2005 | 2:15 am
    Ben Rogers's Globally Recognised Avatar

    I don’t defrag, I’m a rotter like that. I’m scared of what my D:/ drive looks like to a defragger…

    Bah. Know any decent programs?

    Monday 24th October 2005 | 10:34 am
    David's Globally Recognised Avatar

    Wikipedia can probably explain defragmenting better than I can. And Ben, there were a load of programs mentioned in that thread I linked to, but I just use the built in Windows one, it’s convenient and does the job well enough (so long as you run it about 6 times).

    Thursday 27th October 2005 | 1:59 am
    rhsunderground's Globally Recognised Avatar

    you call that fragged? i had my computer for over a year before i de-fragged it. sucker.

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