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Time & Money, Part 1

( Life andRants )

There have actually been two times in recent years when it would have been easy to convert to a more sensible monetary system, the first time just across the UK, and the second across all of Europe, but at neither of those times did anyone take the initiative.


I was sorting out my files and I found some old pictures that I thought might be interesting for those who want a look.

Nanny State

( Life )

Let me start by saying that I do not smoke and I only drink occasionally. I am also in full support of Scotlands recent ban on smoking in public places. But I think that the rules surrounding drugs (both legal and otherwise) need to be shaken up a bit.

More IQ Stuff

( Life andRants )

It’s me vs. an IQ test once again, and I have things to moan about.

Space Donate

A little update on how things are progressing with my latest pet project.